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Travel Security Briefings

We provide tailored travel security briefings to individuals or groups, designed to educate travellers to properly understand the threat environment; allowing our clients to identify risks before they manifest as problems.

Detailed, individually produced travel security reports
Regular briefings delivered one to one, to a group or organisation
Identification of Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessments
Threat Mitigation and Avoidance Recommendations
Training, Tactics and Procedures for emergency events

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Why Travel Security Briefings Are Vital

Travellers are inevitably vulnerable, unfamiliar surroundings, language and customs together with fatigue can be a dangerous combination even in a relatively peaceful country with a low crime rate. Terrorist outrages have brought threats to London, Paris and Boston that were previously restricted to the world’s war zones. Personal crime is a threat any traveller should be aware of and depending on the travel destination the threat to sensitive corporate information from criminals and state actors needs to be assessed.

Our travel security assessment briefings provide reassurance and peace of mind, enabling travellers to focus on the purpose of their travel, business or pleasure. Whether the threats are from terrorism, crime or cyber hacking the personalised travel security briefing we provide allows you to take appropriate action to mitigate those threats or take the appropriate action in the event of emergency.

Tailored Travel Security Services

We provide individually tailored personal and corporate travel security services that are timely, predictive, relevant, accurate, reliable and unbiased. An initial confidential professional consultancy will allow us to suggest the most appropriate solution for your travel security needs.

Our comprehensive travel security briefings are individually tailored to the clients’ specific requirements. These can be delivered one to one, to a group or organisation or via a document that can be disseminated throughout your organisation. Whether you are travelling yourself or are responsible for personnel or goods in transit anywhere in the world we can provide travel security briefings.

Military Trained Travel Security Analysts

Our DV cleared travel security consultants are experienced in working within defence intelligence and law enforcement environments as well as the corporate and investment worlds. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe we monitor our world threat matrix gathered from a number of trusted sources and are prepared to conduct additional personal reconnaissance visits to allow us to provide the most accurate travel security assessment briefing for our clients. These briefings are provided uniquely to the individual client and are treated with absolute discretion.

Our experienced analysts provide travel security assessments and briefings to those planning to travel anywhere in the world for business or pleasure. In recent years we have seen that threats exist when travelling to countries previously considered safe. For those responsible for others travelling, our services allow you to take, and be seen to take, all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of your personnel and sensitive goods and information in transit.