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Corporate Travel Security Services

We provide bespoke corporate travel security solutions designed to educate organisations and business travellers to properly understand the threat environment and allow you to take, and be seen to take, all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of personnel, sensitive goods and information.

Identification of risks and vulnerabilities within specific travel arrangements
One-to-one personal briefings for business executives or company employees
Corporate Travel Security worldwide Intelligence Update Briefs
Simple to follow Corporate Travel Cyber Security Protocols
Regularly updated Corporate Travel Security Audits

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Why Is Corporate Travel Security So Important

In the modern globalised business world organisations are more at risk than ever as they send their valuable assets, in the form of personnel and sensitive information around the world. As corporate travel security consultants we clearly have a unique perspective, but in a world where the threat from terrorism and crime always needs to be considered and cyber crime is growing exponentially, it comes as no surprise to us that in a 2017 Statista survey the top four concerns of business travellers were flight delays, seat availability, earning frequent flyer points and ease of passing through security. Actual travel security itself was nowhere to be seen.

Having security as such a low priority ensures the business traveller remains uniquely vulnerable. The effect on business travellers themselves and the organisations they represent should the worst happen can be absolutely devastating, on lives, financially and on corporate reputations.

Corporate Due Diligence Through Our Travel Security Services

Our corporate travel security services provide insurance and peace of mind to employers and allow employees to focus on the purpose of their travel. Whether the threats are from terrorism, crime or cyber hacking our personalised corporate travel security services allow you to understand and avoid those threats or take the appropriate action to mitigate the effects should an incident occur. Be it for a one-off individual travel event or regular group travel activity we can provide one-to-one personal briefing, briefing to a group or regularly updated corporate travel safety documents. We also provide threat assessment updates and timely indicators and warnings of any changes in the threat status for destination locations involved in corporate travel, ensuring employees' continued safety and allowing business executes to remain updated while employees are abroad. We can provide a regular Corporate Travel Security Audit based on our Intelligence Update Brief principle and linked to our unique All Source Intelligence Geopolitical Threat Map.

Our experienced analysts provide corporate travel security services to those planning to travel anywhere in the world for business. For companies responsible for employees travelling, our services allow you to take, and be seen to take, all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of your personnel and sensitive goods and information.

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DI and Law Enforcement Corporate Travel Security Consultants

Our highly vetted, DV cleared, consultants experienced in working within defence intelligence and the corporate world as well as law enforcement environments. Our geostrategic understanding combined with defensive cyber threat analysis gives us the unique ability to consult on travel security for our corporate clients and provide them with the insurance and security their business needs. We can provide corporate travel security services for organisations sending personnel anywhere in the world, whatever the threat environment. By engaging professional corporate travel security consultants organisations can demonstrate due diligence towards their personnel, help ensure the protection of sensitive goods and assure the integrity of private corporate information as well as reassuring their partners and investors.