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Aviation Risk Management Consultancy

We specialise in the identification and assessment of outside threats to air assets, fixed wing and rotary, from state actors, terrorism, misidentification, criminal activity or nefarious or reckless actions. Our aviation risk assessments cover all flight levels and geographical areas including feet wet locations.

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Our Aviation Risk Assessment Services

Flight path threat assessments
Regional aviation threat and risk management briefings with timely updates
Country risk analysis for destination countries and countries along flight paths
Airport security risk assessments
Diversion Airfield risk assessment and analysis
Comprehensive consultancy and detailed risk assessment reports
Cyber threat reports on destination airport
Personnel threat assessments for aircrew

Operating an airline, whether involved in the transportation of people or freight is an inherently complex business with a unique set of risks, airlines of all sizes will naturally take steps to ensure that the risks associated with hazards to flight operations are systematically and formally identified, assessed and managed. As professional aviation risk and threat consultants we can be a vital part of that overall risk management.

We offer a full range of Aviation Risk Assessment and Management Services, suitable for all airlines of whatever size, operating in all geographical areas, operating fixed wing or rotary aircraft. We can conduct flight path threat assessments to identify risks to aircraft along a given flight path including country risk analyses for destination countries and countries along the flight path. Our comprehensive consultancy can also include airport security assessments, identifying physical and cyber threats to airport security, as part of our detailed risk assessment reports.

Our aviation risk assessment services aim to identify risks in all sectors of the aviation industry in order to prevent, or mitigate as much as possible, any and all potential threats. We do not tell you where to fly, but we will ensure that when you do so you are properly aware of the potential external threats.

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Potential Threats To Aircraft

Misidentification in a conflict zone - An example of this was the shooting down of Malaysian Airline MH17 in July 2014 with the loss of 298 lives. The aircraft was en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam when highly likely hit by a 9M38 missile fired from a SA-11 SAM system operated by Russian separatists. The flight level of 330 was well within the missiles Maximum Engagement Zone and the aircraft was probably misidentified as Ukrainian Air Force.

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Terrorism - As the graph shows, improvements in airport security has reduced the amount of hijackings and fatalities, especially since 911, however of course any is too many. Our aviation risk management includes individual airport security assessments, together with thorough potential diversionary airfield assessments, to provide analysis of the threat from within the aircraft manifest or whilst on the ground. Our assessments can include the airport itself as well as take off and approach routes. Fused with our unique geopolitical threat map our analysis can provide an assessment of the threat to your aviation operations from the proliferation of shoulder launched man portable air defence systems (MANPADS).

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Emerging Aviation Risks – Drones, Cyber and EMI - Proliferation of civilian unmanned air vehicles, both for commercial and recreational use presents a unique threat to the aviation industry, as was demonstrated at Gatwick Airport in December 2018. As the capabilities of UAVs increases, both in size and range, and as we progress towards Beyond Visual Line of Site control capability, then the aviation industry will need to take signification steps to mitigate the threat, especially when operating at low altitudes or at take off or approach.

The aviation industry is highly technical, and by definition operates at remote locations which make it and its people more vulnerable than most to cyber attack. Our aviation risk consultants can provide simple to follow cyber security protocols to mitigate the risk of cyber attack.

Our unique All Source Geopolitical Planning Map can provide timely warnings of potential Electromagnetic Interference incidents, usually seen as potentially highly dangerous GPS jamming. For example in October 2018 Norwegian airline Wideroe reported loss of GPS signal in planes flying in the North of the country, with the jamming highly likely deliberate and consistent with Russian military capability. A NOTAM was issued covering areas as far West as Tromso. This is not an isolated incident with EMI becoming a growing issue in a number of geographical areas. Our all source intelligence gathering allows us to fuse the intelligence to provide accurate, timely and predictive aviation risk assessment services. A retrospective NOTAM is all very well, but our predictive assessments would provide indicators and warnings of when EMI is likely.

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Our Aviation Risk Management Consultants

Our trained aviation risk management consultants have experience working in Royal Air Force military intelligence and active flying squadrons for over 10 years as well as experience within a corporate environment from 30+ years of business management giving us understanding of the risks involved in the aviation industry as well the business world in general. Our military trained personnel are specialists in identifying threats to aviation.