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About Rangoon Point

Born from a belief that individuals and corporations should be able to go about their lawful business free from threat, yet experienced enough to know that utopian ideal just does not exist in the real world Rangoon Point traces its roots back to a Gurkha officer who was one of the first British soldiers to enter Calcutta after the riots of 1946 and who then, as OC Ops Malacca State contributed to arguably the only successful counter insurgency campaign ever conducted during the Malayan Emergency.

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Our personnel and associates include trained military intelligence analysts, a former senior law enforcement officer, corporate finance advisors, investment analysts and businesses managers who all maintain the same ideals and belief in justice, honesty, integrity and the rule of law.

Our mission is simple, to provide services that allow our clients to make properly informed choices, fully appraised of the threats, real and potential, current and future, and what the likely impact of those threats are. We carry out that mission with absolute discretion and entirely independent of bias, to attempt to provide as much certainty as possible in an increasingly uncertain world.

Our Services

Many individuals, commercial enterprises, government bodies, NGOs and investors can benefit from our services, whether they are currently aware or not of potential threats to their personnel, financial operations, physical assets or investments. The worst course of action is to wait until an incident occurs and then be forced to react, better to fully briefed and prepared in advance and take the necessary steps to ideally avoid and negate threats or at worst be able to mitigate their effects.

Our vetted and trained analysts are experienced in working for the Defence Intelligence community and have 30 years experience in business management. We are equally comfortable working within a client's organisation or at a distance, and if requested can provide overt, advertised services that send a strategic message, or covert, completely discrete services that provide absolute secrecy. Whether they are personal or business related, our analysts can provide fully comprehensive consultancy tailored to your specific needs.