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Supply Chain Risk Management Consulting

A combination of detailed reports and regular intelligence briefings provide our clients with a complete supply chain risk management consultancy service, enabling them to mitigate risks from geopolitical crisis, terrorism, change in trade regulations and other similar events.

Policy writing and implementation
Comprehensive supply chain risk management consultancy
Detailed written reports
Bespoke contingency plan

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Why Supply Chain Risk Management Is So Important

In an increasingly volatile global economy, businesses are inevitably subject to greater risks to their supply chains. Supply chain risks can come in the form of minor everyday risks such as power outages and employee sickness or exceptional risks such as terrorism, extreme weather events and changing government regulations. It is important that a supply chain is robust with a solid contingency plan and can withstand these risks whether they are everyday or exceptional. We can provide clients with piece of mind through our range of supply chain risk management services.

In 2018, Venezuela's currency became so volatile that buying goods from the country was virtually impossible and therefore any companies operating in the country were subject to significant supply chain risks. Major US companies with exposure to Venezuela including Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, American Airlines, PepsiCo, AT&T and Ford Motor were forced to take billions of dollars of write downs as Venezuela's economic struggles worsened.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Risk Management Services

Our supply chain risk management services assist business' supply chains to continue running in the event of geopolitical crisis, terrorism, change in trade regulations and other similar events or to completely avoid risk all together. Our supply chain risk management process can involve policy writing and implementation, comprehensive consultancy and detailed written reports. All jobs are unique so we work closely with clients to develop an appropriate and bespoke contingency plan for the specific needs of the job at hand.

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Our Risk Management Consultants

Our highly trained expert analysts have years of experience in business management and military intelligence. This makes us specially qualified to offer multiple insights on different areas of supply chain risk analysis and provide reliable consultancy on supply chain risk management.

Our consultants have over 30 years experience successfully managing business supply chains along with over a decade of experience in British military intelligence handling high risk situations involving multiple moving parts and strict objectives.