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Planning Consultants In Nottingham & The East Midlands

Planning permission consultancy is an essential part of any construction project when building something new, making a major change to a building or changing the use of your building. This process, however, is not always straightforward and unforeseeable problems can easily arise and in a densely populated urban area like Nottingham planning permission is particularly important.

We offer fully comprehensive planning consultancy for environmental, commercial and residential planning applications to manage all aspects of the planning and construction process:

• Background research into the history of the proposed site (e.g. identification of listed buildings)
• Detailed planning drawings
• Environmental Impact Assessment (with considerations to things such as flood risks and impacts to local wildlife)
• Design and access statements
• Structural engineer’s reports

Our Planning Consultants

Our planning consultants can combine the work of architects, structural engineers and builders to provide a thorough consultancy encompassing all aspects of a construction project with complete understanding of how these parts work together. We also have construction partners to enable us to go one step further and complete construction projects if required.

• 30 years of experience in the construction industry specifically managing a range of planning applications
• Unique blend of construction experience and environmental knowledge
• Hundreds of successful planning applications

Our Planning & Environmental Consultancy Services

Environmental concerns are becoming a more important part of the construction industry with regards to planning permission due to more stringent environmental regulations and growing public interest. Therefore, consideration of environmental issues is a necessary part of any planning application.

• Planning permission can be a complex process with unforeseeable problems, making planning permission consultancy essential
• Environmental issues are now a necessary part of the planning process

"If your project needs planning permission and you do the work without getting it, you can be served an ‘enforcement notice’ ordering you to undo all the changes you have made" - GOV.UK