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Live Geostrategic Planning Map

Our Live Geostrategic Planning Map is an innovative new way to display a wide range of economic, geopolitical and security alerts to allow for the identification and intuitive visualisation of global hotspots with the specific focus of mitigating potential risk through geostrategic planning. By using real-time analysis to process data from across the world we are able to provide viewers with concise, accurate, timely and predictive intelligence assessments at the click of a button.

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What Is Geostrategic Planning?

Geostrategic planning refers to how geographical factors affect the strategy implemented in decision making, usually with regards to foreign policy but can include domestic businesses, military and individuals.

Geostrategic planning allows a country, business or individual to reach its objectives by mitigating risks and developing the most appropriate strategy for the given objective taking all potential threats into consideration. For businesses, geostrategic planning can help reduce costs by identifying areas of risk in order to avoid negative impacts or capitalise on areas where perceived risks are greater than actual risks. Similarly, investors can use geostrategic planning to avoid investments in high risk areas and also make money by taking advantage of areas where perceived risks are disproportionately high. For individuals travelling, either for work or leisure, geostrategic planning is also a very useful practise as it allows them to identify and avoid high risk areas.

How to Use Our Live Geostrategy Map to Mitigate Risk

Our geostrategic risk planning map allows you to identify risk hotspots in order to mitigate risks through geostrategic planning. For example, businesses trading internationally can locate high risk areas helping them organise their supply chains to mitigate these risks. Investors can see on the geopolitical hotspots map which countries are politically and economically unstable and can therefore adapt their portfolios to mitigate any negative impacts. International travellers can use our security hotspots map to identify areas that are unsafe to travel to and can use geostrategic planning to ensure their safety when travelling abroad. These are just a few examples of potential clients but our Live Geostrategy Map can be useful for anyone in need of geostrategic planning, whether it is for business or personal use.

Monitor the map for real-time updates on global risks and if you require further consultation on a specific region Rangoon Point conducts in-depth research into regions, including the history and culture of an area and the important international relations it maintains in order to form a comprehensive assessment of the risks within a country or group of countries.