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Investment Club Risk Consultants

Through our range of briefings and individually produced risk assessments for investment clubs we aim at identify risks and opportunities in the market, helping clients to fully understand the implications of their investments.

The breakdown:
Investment club risk consultancy
• Client-specific stock market risk analysis
• Geopolitical risk analysis
• Detailed risk assessment reports

Understanding Geopolitical Investment Risks and Opportunities

In an increasingly volatile global economy, stock market investments involve a great deal of risk. It is necessary, therefore, to ensure that the risks involved in an investment are properly assessed and understood to prevent unnecessary losses. Understanding the geopolitical risks in a country or region with ties to your potential investment is vital and our range of briefings and individually produced risk assessments for investment clubs, aimed at identifying risks and opportunities in the market, seek to provide that understanding.

Our geopolitically focused investment analysis proved vital in early 2019 when the United States imposed sanctions on Iranian oil exports. Using our predictive analysis to assess the wide ranging affects of large scale sanctions, especially those on a commodity such as oil, meant we were able to see clear opportunities for increased profits well ahead of the market.

Our Risk Assessments and Regular Briefings for Investment Clubs

Our investment club risk services include comprehensive consultancy on the risks involved in stock market and other investments tailored to the client's specific requirements. Only when you truly understand the overall global geosecurity and risk picture, with all its competing centres of economic, political and military gravity and how they interact with each other can you confidently narrow that focus on to an individual region, country or geographic entity. Our investment risk consultants can produce thorough risk assessments for investment clubs detailing potential risks and helping clients to fully understand the implications of their investments.

Initial Consultancy with the client will determine what format our product takes, single personal briefing, and regular periodic intelligence update brief (IUB) or documentary analysis for wider dissemination. Clients can be absolutely confident that the investment risk analysis carried out on their behalf will be honest, impartial and absolutely confidential, for our client's eyes only. We have the experience and depth of knowledge to carry out invaluable investment risk consultancy for our clients.

Next steps:
• Contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements
• If your requirements are more complex a more formal consultation may be necessary
• Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved
• If you're simply looking for more information about our consulting services for investment clubs or our company then complete the form on our contact page and we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry in a timely manner

Our Investment Risk Consultants

We have investment security consultants experienced in working with defence intelligence and analysts who study the global economy and stock markets. We are, therefore, able to provide investors with accurate, timely and predictive independent assessments. These can include a full assessment of current and potential threats to the economic and political stability of a country, region or even individual city and its impact on our clients' investments. Our analysts will not be making investment decisions or a recommendation, that is our client's job, but our services will allow our clients to make their decisions in possession of the best, most accurate and relevant intelligence available.

Our analysts uniquely blend over a decade of defence community intelligence training with experience in successful economic and stock analysis and are experts in providing face to face briefings at any level or documentary analysis for further dissemination. Our investment club risk consultants are absolutely independent and impartial and provide completely unbiased and honest assessments.