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Hotel Security Consulting

Our tailored hotel security consulting services provide accurate, individually produced intelligence assessments for hotels to identify and mitigate risks from cyber attacks to crime and terrorism; simultaneously showing in-depth due diligence and providing guests with the peace of mind they expect.

The breakdown:
• In-depth analysis of potential risks to hotels
• Detailed written reports or in-person briefings
• Policy writing and implementation
• Comprehensive hotel security consulting

Why Hotel Security Is So Important

When someone stays in a hotel they expect a certain amount of safety and security, both to their belongings and themselves, and they are very unlikely to stay in a hotel that is unable to promise this to its guests. However, the hotel industry brings with it a whole host of threats from access control and crime to larger threats such as terrorism. The impacts of these threats can be very damaging and result in huge monetary costs to your business and also damage the company's reputation. In addition to physical threats, cyber security is also a very important issue to consider in the modern world, particularly in an industry that retains a lot of people's private information. Therefore, proper hotel risk management that analyses all potential risk areas is vital in order to determine the appropriate protocols to put in place to prevent or mitigate these impacts. We offer comprehensive security services for the hospitality industry from small independent companies to larger hotels part of a wider brand.

Tailored Hotel Security Consulting Services

As part of our hotel security services, we offer in-depth analysis of all potential risks to hotels from physical threats, such as theft and access control, to cyber security threats, such as data hacking. We understand that different businesses run in different ways so we work closely with clients to develop a policy that suits the client's specific requirements. This can involve in-person briefings or detailed written reports that outline the areas at risk and possible mitigation strategies for minimising negative impacts. Our hotel security consultant services give our clients the peace of mind to know that it's guests and their belongings are safe and that all necessary precautions can be taken to minimise risks.

Next steps:
• Contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements
• If your requirements are more complex a more formal consultation may be necessary
• Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved
• If you're simply looking for more information about our hotel security consulting services or our company then complete the form on our contact page and we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry in a timely manner

Military Trained Hotel Security Consultants

Our hotel security consultants are highly vetted and military trained with experience in identifying threats and providing risk assessments. We also have consultants with decades of experience in business management giving us a broad perspective on corporate security issues that considers all aspects of security implementation. Our military and corporate backgrounds give us a unique ability to consult on hotel security issues with geopolitical risks and business capabilities in mind.

As an enabler, our consultants do not look to make your business decisions for you, but we will enable you to make those decisions on the basis of accurate, independent information that has been properly assessed to provide you with a thorough, unbiased intelligence report.