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Foreign Investment Risk Analysis

Globalisation has seen an exponential rise in the amount of foreign investment, whether you are a responsible for an international business with a footprint in more than one country, have a personal investment portfolio with international exposure or manage investments for your fund or organisation and are looking for increased yield by making foreign direct investment Rangoon Point is uniquely able to fuse our experienced intelligence analysis with our investment and market knowledge to provide

• Foreign Investment Risk Analysis
• Situational Awareness Briefings for International Investors
• Identification of Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessments to Foreign Investments
• Indicators and Warnings of Potential Impact

To provide maximum value to our clients we ensure our services are requirement driven, meaning we provide individually tailored services that are timely, predictive, relevant, accurate, reliable and unbiased. An initial confidential professional consultancy will allow us to suggest the most appropriate solution for your security and intelligence needs.

Our Foreign Investment Risk Advisers

We have foreign investment security consultants experienced in working within the military intelligence community and analysts who study the global economy and stock markets, by fusing these capabilities we are able to provide businesses and investors with accurate, timely and predictive independent assessments. These can include a full assessment of current and potential threats to the economic and political stability of a region, country or even individual city and its impact on investments our clients may be considering. Our analysts will not be making investment decisions or a recommendation, that is our clients’ job, but our services will allow our clients to make their decisions in possession of the best, most accurate and relevant intelligence available.

Rangoon Point uniquely has analysts with both defence community intelligence training and experience of economic and stock analysis, comfortable in providing face to face briefings at any level or documentary analysis for further dissemination. Our foreign investment risk consultants are absolutely independent and impartial and provide completely unbiased, honest assessments. We have analysts with specific expertise in Russian foreign policy and its economic impact, the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region as well as associates concentrating on the growth of the Chinese military and the economic future of South East Asia.

Our Foreign Investment Risk Assessment Services

The resurgence of Russia and its assertive foreign policy, a new Commander in Chief in Washington and the question of US commitment to NATO members un-willing to meet the target of 2% of GDP spent on defence, the next chapter in the War on Terror as ISIL adapts to the loss of its self declared Caliphate, Chinese desire for regional hegemony, OPECs inability to control the price of barrel of oil, globalisation means all of these parallel events, and so many more, impact on the value of foreign investments to a greater or lesser amount.

We can provide big picture strategic analysis of geopolitical events with a personalised assessment of their impact on your current or proposed foreign investment activities, allowing clients to increase revenues, protect margins, manage risk, and solve specific problems. Our foreign investment risk consultants operate in the strictest confidence with absolute discretion assured.

At the tactical level we are adept at supplying small scale individualised foreign investment risk analysis, for example to assess the potential impact of a change of government or terrorist attack and how that would affect an individual businesses operations. Ultimately our foreign investment risk assessment services are aimed at providing the comprehensive briefing that ensures our clients can make properly informed choices.