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Flood Risk Assessment Consultants Peterborough

Growing urbanisation has led to an increase in impermeable surfaces causing greater instances of flooding and consequently Flood Risk Assessments are becoming increasingly important. This decreased permeability along with an increase in extreme weather events means that drainage infrastructure is vital and previous infrastructure may no longer be sufficient. Peterborough and the surrounding area is especially vulnerable to flooding due to its location, topography and geology. We can provide:

• Desk Studies comprising in-depth research of flood risk in a specified area
• Flood Risk Assessments
• Mitigation Strategy to protect against potential flooding

Our Flood Risk Assessment Consultants

Our consultants perfectly blend a wealth of knowledge from 30 years in the construction industry, including experience assessing potential flood risks and construction of SuDS, with a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Nottingham to provide expert Flood Risk Assessment consultancy.

A unique combination of industry experience and environmental knowledge allows us to provide a fully comprehensive Flood Risk Assessment consultancy with practical capability.

Our Flood Risk Assessment Services

We can provide a comprehensive Flood Risk Assessment consultancy including construction of drainage infrastructure, project management and support.

• 30 years of experience in the construction industry
• Extensive environmental knowledge of flood risk issues
• Ability to combine construction experience and environmental knowledge to develop Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)