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Critical Infrastructure Security

Our critical infrastructure security services aim to prevent or mitigate the effects of cyber attacks, terrorism, natural disasters and similar catastrophic events by identifying risks to critical infrastructure before they manifest as problems.

The breakdown:
• Identification of potential risks to critical infrastructure
• Comprehensive consultancy on potential risks and mitigation/prevention strategies
• Detailed risk assessment reports outlining vital risk areas

Why Is Critical Infrastructure Security Important

Critical infrastructure is vital to the functioning of a society and the failure of this infrastructure from cyber attacks, terrorism, and natural disasters can have huge knock on effects.

Cyber security threats are quickly becoming the most prevalent security issue in the modern world and there have been a number of cyber security attacks on critical infrastructure in recent years in which hackers have attempted to insert malware in company computers and obtain information about projects. Therefore, it is very important to be prepared for such cases by identifying risks to prevent attacks occurring.

Terrorism, in the other hand, can pose a very different threat to critical infrastructure security as these can be in the form of physical attacks. Events such as these can be unavoidable but the response to such events can reduce the negative impacts dramatically and it is, therefore, essential to conduct thorough risk assessments and have a strategy to prevent or at very least mitigate impacts.

Extreme weather events similarly are unavoidable so a proactive approach to identifying potential risks and mitigating the impacts is essential in order to ensure the security of critical infrastructure.

Critical Infrastructure Risk Mitigation Strategies

We offer comprehensive consultancy throughout the risk assessment process working closely with clients to best identify potential risks and develop a prevention strategy that suits the client's needs. In some cases, events can be unavoidable and in this case we develop a thorough mitigation strategy with the aim to reduce the impacts of an event to the largest degree possible. Our detailed risk assessment reports will address any risks to critical infrastructure security and outline the most important areas to focus prevention strategies on.

We understand the potential geopolitical risks associated with critical infrastructure as well as appreciating the financial implications of risk prevention strategies. We provide tailored, bespoke critical infrastructure security services, based on a thorough initial assessment of who our client is, what their intelligence requirements are and what they want to achieve.

Next steps:
• Contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements
• From there we can develop a more formal consultation to meet your needs
• Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved
• If you're simply looking for more information about our critical infrastructure security services or our company then complete the form on our contact page and we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry in a timely manner

Our Critical Infrastructure Security Consultants

Our consultants have over 10+ years experience in military intelligence as well as 30+ years of experience in business management. Our military intelligence personnel are trained to identify threats in high risk situations in order to prevent or mitigate the negative impacts to the greatest extent possible. By combining business management and military intelligence experience our consultants are uniquely qualified to advise on security issues relating to business threats, geopolitical risks and cyber security threats.