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Country Risk Analysis

Rangoon Point offer professional, detailed country risk analysis, tailored to the individual requirements of the client, who is typically, although not limited to, those with an interest in or responsibility for;

• International Equities or Fixed income investors
• Foreign inward investment managers
• Those travelling to or through any country in the world
• Multinational corporations
• Supply chain professionals
• Fund managers
• Investment clubs

Only when you truly understand the overall Global GeoSecurity and Risk picture, with all its competing centres of economic, political and military gravity and how they interact with each other can you confidently narrow that focus on to an individual region, country or geographic entity. Rangoon Point has the experience and depth of knowledge to carry out invaluable country risk analysis for their clients.

What our country risk analysis can provide for you

We provide properly tailored, bespoke country risk analysis, based on a thorough initial assessment of who our client is, what their intelligence requirements are and what they want to achieve. We conduct appropriate research on current and emerging, real and perceived threats to personnel, physical assets, financial assets and investments, as well as current and planned business operations. Depending on the clients requirements we will factor in political, military and financial considerations, because in our view they are all linked. Our country risk analysis will consider immediate, short term and long term elements, depending on the client’s requirements and time horizon. First class country risk analysis gives our clients confidence that the decisions they make are properly informed with accurate, timely and predictive intelligence.

Rangoon Point country risk analysis is carried out by trained, security cleared consultants, with experience of working with military intelligence who understand the requirements for secrecy and client confidentiality. Consultancy with the client will determine what format our product takes, single personal briefing, and regular periodic intelligence update brief (IUB) or documentary analysis for wider dissemination. Clients can be absolutely confident that the bespoke country threat analysis carried out on their behalf will be honest, impartial and absolutely confidential, for our client’s eyes only.

Our Country Risk Services

Our bespoke country risk services are potentially vital for any client involved in international investing, trade or travel, allowing them to better understand the competing pressures of a fast changing world.

We have adapted the military intelligence cycle to the commercial world: direction, collection, processing, dissemination, feedback.

• Direction – is provided by the client
• Collection – we use all the means at our disposal to collect information on a country, such as threats from terrorism, crime, civil unrest, political or financial instability etc
• Processing – trained, experienced analysts then conduct thorough, timely analysis with conclusions and an element of predictive assessment
• Dissemination – this is often delivered in live briefing format, but can be supplied in hard or digital document form for wider dissemination within larger organisations
• Feedback – we re-consult with the client, which can instigate and feed in to another cycle

Why engage Rangoon Point to conduct your country risk analysis

We believe we understand the Global Geosecurity situation better, how the competing centres of gravity, military, political and financial all affect each other. It’s this understanding of the big picture that allows us to accurately narrow the focus down to the individual country. We have passion and attention to detail for the service we provide and are certain we offer an invaluable service to a broad spectrum of potential clients.