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Contaminated Land Assessment Consultants Nottingham

Contamination of land can come from a variety of sources throughout the historical use of a site and Nottingham is an area with a large environmental footprint due to its industrial past. Identification of this contamination, using a Contaminated Land Assessment (CLA), is crucial and can help you avoid potential costs and even penalties from environmental authorities such as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. We can provide:

Contaminated Land Assessment consultancy
• Environmental risk reports detailing any potential contamination of a site
• Protection from liability for contamination issues
• Protection from penalties by environmental authorities

Our Contaminated Land Assessment Consultants

Our consultants perfectly blend a wealth of knowledge from 30 years in the construction industry with a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Nottingham to provide expert consultancy as part of our Contaminated Land Assessments.

A unique combination of industry experience and environmental knowledge allows us to provide a fully comprehensive Contaminated Land Assessment consultancy with practical capability.

All of our soil analysis is carried out in a UKAS accredited laboratory and testing meets all relevant British Standards

Our Contaminated Land Assessment Services

Our Contaminated Land Assessment consultancy will incorporate all aspects of the consultancy process including collation of available information on contaminants in the local area, assessment of potential risks to produce a Contaminated Land Assessment report detailing any contaminants present in the soil.

1. Our environmental consultants will first carry out a site survey to assess the necessary work to be done
2. Soil samples will then be collected for analysis in our UKAS accredited laboratory
3. Once samples are tested we will produce a clear and easily understandable report with our site investigation and the chemical properties of the soil
4. The Contaminated Land Assessment report will give information on a number of potential contaminants including heavy metals, PAHs and TPHs
5. We can turnaround our Contaminated Land Assessments in Nottingham within days of your initial enquiry allowing you to stick to schedules and minimise any disruption to your project