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Coal Mining Risk Assessment Consultants Nottingham

Historical coal mining has left a significant mark on the environment in and around Nottingham, resulting in the need for Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) consultants. The Coal Authority requires any property in a "Development High Risk Area" to undergo a Coal Mining Risk Assessment. Our assessments will provide assurances when buying, selling or developing an area potentially affected by coal mining and protect you from liability for problems caused by historical coal mining in Nottinghamshire. We can provide:

• Desk Studies detailing site information relating to coal mining impact
• Instructive and relevant consultations with clients
• Coal Mining Risk Assessment as required by The Coal Authority
• Protected from liability for environmental issues caused by historical coal mining

Our Coal Mining Risk Assessment Consultants

Our consultants perfectly blend a wealth of knowledge from 30 years in the construction industry with a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Nottingham to provide expert consultancy as part of our Coal Mining Risk Assessments.

A unique combination of industry experience and environmental knowledge allows us to provide a fully comprehensive Coal Mining Risk Assessment consultancy with practical capability.

Our Coal Mining Risk Assessment Services

We can provide comprehensive consultancy for Coal Mining Risk Assessments in Nottingham. Our consultancy includes site investigations to determine environmental risks from historical coal mining, carrying out Coal Mining Risk Assessments and providing reports detailing risks and any necessary remediation plans.

• 30 years of experience in the construction industry allow us to understand the implications of our assessments
• Extensive knowledge of environmental issues caused by coal mining in Nottingham
• Unique combination of construction capability and environmental understanding