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Business Continuity Management

Our business continuity management service provides risk assessments on everything from crime and terrorism to trade regulations and political instability, allowing your business to continue running smoothly and minimise costs.

The breakdown:
• Policy writing and implementation
• Comprehensive business continuity management consultancy
• Regular follow up briefings to ensure successful implementation of policies
• In-person briefings or detailed written reports

Why Business Continuity Management Is So Important

All businesses, large or small, are inevitably subject to a range of threats that risk disrupting day to day commerce and potentially costing the company dearly. Threats such as geopolitical crisis, terrorism, change in trade regulations and other similar events can all have a serious impact on a business' operations. It is, therefore, very important that a business is robust with proper business continuity management allowing it to withstand these risks, whether they are everyday or exceptional.

An extreme example of severe business disruption came before and during the overthrowing of Sudan's long-time president, Omar al-Bashir. Businesses across Sudan have long had to contend with a multitude of constraints from a crippled economy and an impoverished population to the, until recently imposed, United States economic sanctions. Now businesses face increased uncertainty in the form of regime change reminiscent of the 2011 Arab Spring.

Tailored Business Continuity Management Services

We can provide clients with piece of mind through our range of business continuity management services. Our service can provide but isn't limited to policy writing and implementation, comprehensive consultancy and in-person briefings as well as detailed written reports to suit our client's requirements. All businesses are unique so we work closely with clients to develop an appropriate and bespoke business continuity plan, for the specific needs of the job at hand, that will outline a range of crisis scenarios and the steps a business can take to return to regular trade.

Next steps:
• Contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements
• We can then develop an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved
• This may invlove a visit to your company or simply providing information at a distance, depending on your requirements
• If you're simply looking for more information about our business continuity management or our company then complete the form on our contact page and we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry in a timely manner

30 Years of Business Continuity Management

Our highly trained expert analysts have over 30 years of experience in business management and over a decade of experience in British military intelligence. Our specialist knowledge of geopolitical issues and extensive experience in the corporate world allows us to offer fully comprehensive business continuity management with realistic business capabilities in mind.