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Security & Intelligence Services

In a rapidly evolving, dangerous world Rangoon Point provide high quality real time intelligence and security analysis individually specified to meet the needs of Government Departments, NGOs, Corporations, Investors, Fund Managers and High Net Worth Individuals.

Our intelligence services act as an enabler, allowing clients to focus on their own operations and profitability, secure in the knowledge that they have been properly informed of real and current as well as emerging and potential threats to personnel, materials, the operating environment and their own reputations by providing

• Threat Analysis
• Situational Awareness
• Decision Advantage
• Identification of Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risk Assessments
• Indicators and Warnings

To provide maximum value to our clients we ensure our services are requirement driven, meaning we provide individually tailored services that are timely, predictive, relevant, accurate, reliable and unbiased. An initial confidential professional consultancy will allow us to suggest the most appropriate solution for your security and intelligence needs.

Our Intelligence Analysts

Our highly vetted security and intelligence consultants have experience in working within military intelligence and law enforcement environments as well as the corporate and investment worlds. We understand the importance of internal security and we offer absolute discretion and client confidentiality. We are based in the United Kingdom but provide security and intelligence services globally.

Rangoon Point intelligence and security services provide accurate, timely and predictive individually produced intelligence assessments to executives, HNWI, investors and fund managers to identify and mitigate risks, from the most likely to the most dangerous. From the big strategic picture down to the individual tactical level we can provide a tailored service to every size of organisation and budget. Our professional security and intelligence services give our clients the edge by allowing them to make properly informed choices, fully briefed regarding the threat from terrorism, corporate espionage, crime, corruption and geopolitical events.

Our Security Services

Our support provides reassurance and peace of mind, enabling organisations to focus on their core business or make the right choices, based on independent, accurate intelligence. Whether the threats to your organisation, operations or individuals are physical or economic, from growing and high profile terrorist threats, personal crime, corruption, unstable regimes or financial instability, our unique THREAT MATRIX will analyse the most likely and most dangerous outcomes, allowing you to take appropriate action to mitigate and ultimately eliminate those threats.

We can provide big picture strategic analysis of geopolitical events with a personalised assessment of their impact on your current or proposed corporate activities, allowing clients to increase revenues, protect margins, manage risk, and solve specific problems.

At the tactical level we are adept at supplying small scale individualised threat analysis, for example for corporate travel or single events, to provide reassurance to our clients, their staff and ultimately their clients as well, that due diligence has been undertaken to mitigate any potential threats. Ultimately our intelligence and security services are aimed at providing the comprehensive briefing that ensures our clients can make properly informed choices.